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Eliza stretching bedroom floor

FitnessU: Stretching it

Rate this article and enter to winStretching: It’s an important part of any fitness routine, research shows. Some may think this is obvious. But really, it’s important to take stretching (before and after a...
Student performing stretchesvideo

Static stretches

%CODE1%Chest stretch:Stand with your feet hip-width apart and clasp your hands behind your back. Gently straighten your elbows and lift your arms up to a comfortable position where you can breathe into the stretch....
Florence smilingvideo

Advanced sequence

%CODE1%This video accompanying this stretching routine shows examples of various stretches that are beneficial to an athlete or person in training. This is particularly useful for those who regularly engage in intense physical activities...
woman stretching after sleep

Stretching for better sleep

Stretching is an easy way to unwind from the day and get your body and mind in the mood for sleep. Here are four stretches to help you relax: Forward Bend: Elongates the back, neck, and...
Man stretching

Dynamic vs static stretching: Discover the difference between the two

Rate this article and enter to winStretching is an important part of any fitness routine. Studies have repeatedly shown the multiple benefits of including stretching in workouts. But many individuals aren’t certain as to...