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8 proven ways to be happier that you can try today

Rate this article and enter to winMoney, fame, love, sports, chocolate—what works? For centuries, we’ve been trying to figure out what makes us happy. Psychologists, economists, theologians, and others have come at this from...
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4 easy ways to set positive standards in your online world

Rate this article and enter to winWhether we’re taking an online class, catching up with friends, reading the news, checking our favorite Reddit thread, or watching videos of baby pandas sneezing, we all spend...
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FoMO: Addiction or Mental Illness?

By Sonja Bethune, Psy.D.What's ironic is that “social media addiction” is in everyone's face. It's not hidden and no one seems to be very ashamed of it. It is a socially acceptable addiction, but...
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Virtual abuse? How to build a positive online community

Rate this article and enter to win Most of us have witnessed online harassment. According to a survey by Hollaback!, a coalition to prevent harassment, that experience can make it harder to focus on academics...
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Scroll on by: 5 ways to make a phone-free moment

Rate this article and enter to winPhones are amazing—I barely remember life before the poop emoji. In a recent survey by SH101, you praised the ease of communication and access to information that our...
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Selfie revolution: Be a role model, not just a model

Rate this article and enter to winMultiple-choice question: What are selfies for? Selfies promote community awareness. Selfies celebrate who we are. Selfies are for ignorant Instagrammers fishing for compliments.All three answers came from students...
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Yes, they will Google you: How to be proactive with your online presence

Rate this article and enter to winWhat if a potential employer, current supervisor, or date searches for you online (as they certainly will), and finds—right there!—your elegant design portfolio or insightful blog posts, and...
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In Flow by AITA Ltd.

Why we love it:While scientists investigate what makes humans happy, it’s on each of us to figure out what makes this human happy. Otherwise, how can we do more of it? In Flow (“your...
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The FoMO phenomenon: Why you may have a fear of missing out

Rate this article and enter to win“Vvvt. Vvvt.” You feel your cell phone vibrate, alerting you to a new status update or text message. No matter that you’re driving; you need to see what...