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Graphic of computer screen with medical icons

Fake or fact: How to know if your online diagnosis is legit

Rate this article and enter to winScouring the internet to help you get to the bottom of your stomachache or that sudden rash is commonplace these days. Seven out of ten people say they...
diverse group using digital devices

4 easy ways to set positive standards in your online world

Rate this article and enter to winWhether we’re taking an online class, catching up with friends, reading the news, checking our favorite Reddit thread, or watching videos of baby pandas sneezing, we all spend...
Female student using a laptop

Virtual abuse? How to build a positive online community

Rate this article and enter to win Most of us have witnessed online harassment. According to a survey by Hollaback!, a coalition to prevent harassment, that experience can make it harder to focus on academics...
Online student working on laptop

The Distance Learner: How to connect in the digital classroom

Rate this article and enter to winEveryone at Ashford is a distance learner looking for ways to make connections in the virtual world. Some of us have friends or family pursuing degrees with us,...
Woman holding hands up in a framing shape

Presenting yourself to employers: How to build a professional online image

Rate this article and enter to winLife is filled with memorable moments, and it can be extremely fun to share them with friends through social media. However, while you may want to highlight your...