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Clarifying affirmative consent and moving beyond consent to enthusiasm

Sometimes, people dismiss “affirmative consent” as a series of awkward verbal questions: “May I put my hand on your leg? What about on your thigh?” But this isn’t realistic to how people actually communicate.In...
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How to help your students push back on perfectionism

Perfectionism can be difficult to spot as a problem, especially among high-performing students and in high-stress environments. But it’s critical to pay attention to students who are struggling with the pressure to be perfect...
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Why opioid overdose prevention efforts have a place in higher education

The US is experiencing a brutal opioid epidemic. Tragedies have put a spotlight on prevention efforts and how those can be implemented in higher ed institutions. All factors considered, prevention initiatives make sense.5 keys...
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Resolutions that stick

Help your students get their assignments in on timeBy Lucy Berrington, MS Study habits are among the top three behaviors that students would like to improve, according to surveys by SH101 (the others are sleep...
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Are your students struggling with sleep debt? Here’s how to help

Student loan debt isn’t the only deficit students have to worry about—sleep debt can also leave them feeling depleted. “Sleep debt is an accumulation of sleep deprivation,” says Dr. Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist...
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How to help your students create a positive sexual culture—and why that matters

Sometimes, attending to the unwanted “details” of our social culture—like a negative stereotype or an offhand comment—can feel like an unnecessary luxury. We may feel it is more important to address sexual violence and...
Forward Thinking Blog

Forward Thinking Blog

Forward ThinkingEvery day great ideas, advice, and information are discussed around the institution. This knowledge is shared with students, alumni, friends, and faculty, but on a small scale. This blog was created to engage...
How does supporting sexual empowerment reduce rates of sexual assault?

How does supporting sexual empowerment reduce rates of sexual assault?

Sexual empowerment can be a transformative process, both for individuals and for communities. Although sexual violence is about power and control, not sexual desire, our culture sometimes normalizes the former by de-emphasizing the latter....
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